Before & After Care of Dermaplane Treatments


  • Stop Retin-A products for 5 days before your appointment.
  • Avoid laser treatments 4 weeks before treatment.
  • If you are having a chemical peel prior to your Dermaplane treatment, please inform the therapist.
  • Please inform the therapist if you are pregnant or nursing.


  • There is no downtime with Dermaplaning so you can continue with your normal activities.
  • You can wear makeup immediately afterwards, but it is advised to wait until the next day if possible.
  • Wear SPF, factor 50 as the treatment removes the top layer of dead skin and will make your skin more sun sensitive.
  • Avoid heat treatments (sauna, steam room etc) for the next 24 hours.
  • Follow a good skincare routine for your skin type to optimise results of the treatment.
  • Allow a minimum of 4 weeks between Dermaplane treatments